Failure before success

I had a person ask me how I had so successful both professionally and musically after looking at my music and my financial blog (  The answer I gave back is that I've learned to fail well.

I know this is a diversion from what you would expect to be a blog on music.  However, it does reflect my personal thoughts and might therefore be of interest to you as part of getting to know me.

One thing I have learned is that everyone goes through trials at some point in their life.  I don’t know anyone who has not had to work through adversity at least once.  The difference in how people deal with “failure” seems to determine which ones rise to become “successful” and which ones try to avoid additional hurts.  Personally, I have hit rock bottom emotionally and financially quite a few times in my life.  Not intending to preach here, but I have an unshakable faith in a God that has always been there for me through each of those trials.  He does not prevent trials from happening and many of the times they were of my own selfish or greedy doing. However, He does always give me a way out and let me learn.  Without feeling his presence over the years, I would not have made it through on my own.

I do believe these failures have taught me so much and made me into a stronger/better person through Jesus my personal Christ. I also believe since we all experience “failure” in life, learning to become an overcomer is the key.  Learning to pick up the pieces, to rearrange them into a new foundation, and to create a new start on an evolving basis after each failure is what allows you to eventually create a very strong foundation with solid walls and support for your “success”.  I teach my kids that they must first learn to fail before they can become successful. Learning to fail well will teach you not be afraid of failure, expect that it will eventually come, but to plan for it.  Learn how to use failure as a means to successful planning and execution of your ideas, goals, and dreams.

Understand that “Success” means different things to each of us.  To me, success is my walk in Jesus and having a wonderful family that I love and that loves me.  Everything else is just additional blessings being given to me.  I hope to be in a position at some point in the future where I can turn around and help many others to accomplish their dreams as well.  In the meantime, I wait and trust faithfully in what each day brings on this journey called life. 


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