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Someone once said the person with the “leather pants” in a band is the one who plays a complex instrument, like the accordion. But within the ranks of the greatest contributors to music are the composers, like Stephen Foster, whose compositions remain integral to the core of American song and music everywhere. One of these composers is Ole Cram, a composer of that same tradition, who brings that classical edge of melodies that remain with us forever.... [click on link for full article at]”
Ole Cram, 1980 St. Francis Community High School graduate, performed a concert of his original compositions for the St. Francis Music Club in 1992. He performed 14 songs and also demonstrated a drum solo using drum sounds on a keyboard. Mr. Cram recently found a VHS recording of the concert and has digitized each of these 15 performances separately as electronic movie files. These 15 small movies have been posted to his YouTube site at where anyone with Internet access can view them for free. Mr. Cram composes his own original music using electronic keyboards and synthesizers. These keyboards play a variety of musical instruments including piano, drums, trumpets, orchestra strings, and a vocal chorus. He uses a sequencer, a device that records his key strokes on the keyboards. The sequencer is used to record a drum track, base track, and background chords through the keyboards. Once the main structure of a song is complete, I like to play the melody track in my concerts to fully complete the song," Mr. Cram said. "I also compose songs that only require a piano sound. Mr. Cram plans to continue adding new music compositions to his YouTube site and has also created a fan page on Facebook at I am really having fun exploring many of the Internet tools available to share my music with the world.” - Karen Krien

Saint Francis Herald - Ole Cram Posts 1992 Concert On YouTube

Local lifelong musician and composer Ole Cram recently blew the dust from his keyboards, after a 20 year hiatus to raise his family, and returned to the scene with an eclectic blend of electronic compositions to inspire and soothe the soul. The Cherokee Pass resident, who has been composing and playing since childhood said he is "not too concerned with profits or platinum albums" and is using social media sites to share his work. You have to love what you're doing," said Cram. "That's the main reason I am using the social media sites. It allows me to share the music so that other people can enjoy it. I come from a musical family and that's what we were about, sharing. To me, it's all about relaxing and enjoying what I do."......   [For the full article, here is the link:]” - Pat Pratt

Democrat News - Local musician back on the ivories after 20-year hiatus